Dear friends of elysian,

As of May 16 we are done for now with dinner here after 6 or so fitful years of plates and drinks
in what we believe is one of the nicest spots ever in the world or at least frogtown.
We have tried our level best to stay non-restauranty and low-key and tasty
and appreciate that you have appreciated this about us. We have enjoyed
your company and thank you for it immensely.


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please note: we are still booking private events through the 2018 calendar year. for information please email version:

“I have decided to leave my post as elysian chef, spokesperson, stevedore and janitor in order to join the White House public relations team. I am looking forward to working in a stress-free, flexible and uncorruptible setting, doing what I love with people who are at the top of their games, servicing this great again nation, and also spending more time with my family.”