new for fall, or spring can really hang you up the most

New for fall, pork, mustard greens, roasted onion and apple, plumped sultanas, mustardy jus, out with the heirlooms that have been hitting the table a lot in the past six weeks, all super-summery with melons, sweet basil, etc. etc., the time is getting ahead of us, that salad has become anachronistic, time to retire it since it’s almost fall-like here, bring on the pork and apples things are falling everywhere, straight out of the sky, right off of the trees, or pulled from vines, into our laps, down to earth, hitting the streets, coming, going, cherokee chocolate tomatoes, apples, pears, tyrants, the morning paper over the fence talk about anachronistic on this last morning for Khaddafi, the pictures, it is unbearable the things we can do to one another, go on, prep for a supper, harisa, lebneh with saffron and lemon verbena, and some Arabic coffee to sip slowly until the fall of something else or the next spring whatever we bring about