some dish

Here are two menus from the weekend, catered dinners in private homes, one involving the above plate:

10.22 for 15

yellowtail on cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno

braised leeks, idiazabal, toasted walnuts, wrapped in Serrano ham, with saba

crostini with roasted figs, valdeon, chives

seared scallop, seared cucumber, murcott tangerine, watermelon radish, oil-cured olive, preserved lemon, shallot

market greens, herbs, crème fraiche dressing

short rib, roasted carrots and little onions, polenta, gorgonzola, greek oregano

vegetarians: chick pea stew with roasted squash, turnips, cauliflower, onion sultanas, polenta, almonds, herbs, lebneh

plum upsidedown cake, plum conserve, runny whip

cheese plate: red Leicester, taleggio, aged mahon; rhubarb mostarda, roasted grapes, pickled golden raisins


10.23 for 12

arugula, lettuces, roasted yellow beets, pickled red onion, toasted walnuts, gorgonzola, tangerine-cumin vinaigrette

pork chop, braised radicchio, cippolinis, roasted figs, marcona almonds, jus

same dessert as 10.22