odd pairings

pairing food with the terrible events of the day who wrote this business plan good food doesn’t make things unterrible but that is precisely not the point anyway, to make the world go away, it’s not like a soufflé all air incorporated puffing up melting on tongue getting called ethereal disappearing can make everything else up and vanish along with it well maybe for a few seconds nor does it work to pin up a pretty picture of pretty chanterelles, leeks, yellow beans, paprika rice and fried egg as though it will paper over the pileup of unnerving shots from New York or Oakland, cops, batons, mayors, barricades, banks, or the Levant, tanks, sieges, protesters, dead, and clear the decks for the idea of a simple lunch in the messy world even though I could use some real lunch soon not just a picture of it “though I must say” I made this one very deliciously the chanterelles are abundant they are among the costlier facts on the ground at the moment but that was lunches ago, yesterday, paired with a powerful Zuccotti and served with a goopy reduction of smug post-mortems for a movement that has so far “failed to define a goal” that’s nonsense the point, or a goal if you must have one, is that things that have long been on so many minds are now on so many tongues and I am not talking about chanterelles or even soufflés well then what else is there for lunch today, can I interest you in a last of the season fresh shell bean minestrone paired with a fruit-forward new Italian technocracy that no one voted for, you don’t just stop eating because democracy has been reduced to such ridicule or because there is hunger in the world or because not everyone can afford a chanterelle but then one of the questions on the liberal table at high noon is how do you build an ethic into what you do or what you eat without resorting to some sort of 2% of profits for peace or locally-sourced chanterelles gimmick