proposal with anchovy


rain, rare, welcome, and news lifting up not dampening spirits since no matter the story the coffee is hot and the help appears with the breakfast and it turns out the help is me what percent does that mean I am when I announce, “What we have for you this morning is a soft-boiled egg on a bed of caramelized cippolini onions with white anchovy, capers and coarse parsley on whole grain sourdough boule, lightly toasted with a delicate smear of butter and a scattering of fleur de sel. Enjoy.” and even though I just did I don’t like to say it that way, not that it’s inaccurate it could simply be more simply put, a little toast, a proposal with anchovy, as modest as “end corporate greed” well that’s never going to be handed to you on a platter followed by an imperative to relish it and I could also stand to never hear the word enjoy used after a description of a snack or of any other plate set before me as though only now that it has been described in telling detail is it possible to enjoy it and my enjoyment will be all the more with all the knowledge I now have of what provokes it but I really just want to eat the damn thing after all I made it for that purpose shut up I am trying to eat not to mention end corporate greed and read the reports that are coming in over the wire there’s a lot going on up in Oakland and Seattle and in downtown LA and downtown NY and everywhere all over the place, make sense of it all, or try, anyway, lift spirits, toast, anchovy, enjoy