measure in business days


tables and benches waiting for tops, then sitters and eaters, what time do you arrive, are you on your way, have you even left yet, the short ribs are braising, on low, the most slowest cooking there is they should take 10–14 business days, curiously the exact same amount of time for the tops to arrive assuming there are no bumps in the road and to get screwed into position that sounds like fun soon enough we will sit with beefy steam trickling up getting in our noses, “redolent with barnyard and black tea,” or we just have Turkish coffee and sweets though I can’t top these pistachio-filled numbers from the souk in Aleppo there's no way of telling when you will get here if you are coming from Aleppo let’s roll the TV in to watch tonight’s frontline about Syria we better figure out how to read the mud that’s left in the bottom of the little coffee cups that is as good a way as any to predict what is going to happen over there in this sad long ruthless time ruthlessness is not short-lived it lasts way longer than 10-14 business days and regime means “business” not “spring is just around the corner” you don’t need a phd
the mud can tell you that