duck with oliver twist

early on there are big questions to answer for the day, Should we bomb Iran for its nuclear mendacity? or Is Herman Cain goin’ down, so to speak? or Breakfast: Oatmeal?

Violá!  Oatmeal! but that’s not oatmeal that’s last night’s little test dish, some duck breast, Hmong mustard greens, leek, chile, garlic, Japanese sweet potato fried in duck fat, seared persimmon, roasted grapes in duck jus it was pretty super tasty but this morning it hit me that the duck dish was easier to make than delicious, well-seasoned oatmeal getting the salt right is no mean feat that should be a quickfire dry-iced drag-out stadium-cooking challenge on every foodsport show in the nation the visiting venerable tatooed chef and tight-buttoned well-seasoned foodie judges get wet pants and spout praise “heavenly, you salted this oatmeal perfectly,” or, better, one knits a brow and vaguely expresses disappointment “I didn’t find the oatmeal particularly good” and the other blatantly insults “can’t you make a decent fucking oatmeal this isn’t even oliver twist-worthy” the logic of such spectacle is beyond me I can’t follow it in imagination let alone abbreviated on twitter “omg so and so just got dissed for oatmeal on foodfight usa!” this morning, however, I sent myself a tweet that read “I'm having duck breast for breakfast with oliver twist” now that's not beyond me and that settles breakfast next question please come on we're burnin' daylight