some soup experience


the wind has knocked the wind out of our town, taken itself out of everyone’s sails and crossed the wires, everything’s either down or jammed up, freeways, trees, power lines, traffic lights, the internet we had thought was somehow above all this act of nature nonsense how am I supposed to know which way that fucker the wind is going to blow if I can’t get on-line to check the weather channel how am I supposed to conduct my electrical affairs or take care of digital chores what will I do in my newly spare time if I can’t even post this post maybe it’s time to acquire some new skills how to find a candle when the lights are blown out how to find my way when I am lost without you or mapquest how to heat the soup up in the dark that’s how humans used to do it anyway isn’t it fortunately I have some old skills that come in handy in circumstances like these for instance I can make this soup with my eyes closed: onion, carrot, celery, potatoes, thyme, garlic, chiles, roasted tomatoes, chicken stock, christmas lima beans, cavalo nero, porky meatballs I did it that way years ago when I was living in the dark and had no electricity and no cavalo nero either it wasn’t a thing yet back then good thing I made a big batch a few days before the winds came up and the lights went out all it needed was a simple reheat but not long from now I will make this recipe from scratch when things have gone dark again and there’s another fierce wind stirring the pot
it will all be part of my experience economy but there are still going to be dishes to wash by hand in the dark that service can’t always be
someone else’s experience close your eyes and get used to it