post-new years eve bender, failed

happy new year it is the 4th of January already the year is half over and off to a vaguely frustrating start for instance last night we got home from a movie and every attempt to take to drink was foiled for one reason or another, the Salanques Mas Doix priorat from Whole Foods yes I go there for certain ingredients the wine guy in Glendale is good his name is Steve and the wine area has little cards with his face on it pinned up with various bottles and the cards say “What Steve’s drinking” it’s a recommendation to try the bottle also an indication that Steve is drinking a lot of good shit and all in a days work and also it’s a little devil on my left shoulder whispering career change well there was only a smidgeon left in the bottle and delicious as it was it merely teased the mouth into great expectations and then taunted, I’m finished, you got anything better, apparently not, a hullabaloo zinfandel I had it once before and it was ok in a pinch but this time surprisingly undrinkable I spit it out and this morning $16 worth of swill went into a saucepan with a dried chile and some herbs to cook down and make itself useful later in the evening around supper time or for tomorrows poached egg and there was nothing else in the house save for some port from trader joes which also turned out to be pretty wretched plus the glass was musty maybe that ruined a perfectly good port though I am not sure the port warrants that much slack it’s just lousy port, ok I give up, it was all a lesson, a sign, a cue, to simplify in the new year and in the spirit of clean living forgo the booze altogether, drink more water well that’s just a sensible idea regardless, take a sleeping pill and go to bed early so much for clean living or it was purely a flagrant reminder of the importance of keeping a solid single malt lying around it makes meditations in an emergency all a little more fluid even if doesn’t put the fires out, on my way to work I am making a to do list in my head and it has on it buy single malt Michelle Bachman is rambling on about god as she bows out of the presidential race it’s about time unfortunately I believe her when she says you haven’t heard the last from me I add to list get new radio one without election coverage now how about that drink