coney island of the facts

early in the day on air a reporter reports from the little Syrian farming village of Tremseh where some people killed a lot of other people in the struggle for democracy I guess that’s what it looks like hey chant it now in whose streets maybe not ours he is done with his report and as though on cue the program host well she really was on cue it's not as though anything she says meatball the bear got evacuated from Glendale this morning what a way to start the day in a headspin hope the bear is ok thanks meatball for helping me stop imagining body parts in the back room of a farmhouse in Syria for helping me keep my priorities straight right now my priority is getting through the day headspin or not well there is no or not it’s just spinning let’s face it but think about how spun out meatballs head must have been I wandered out of the woods into civilization and this is what it looks like these people are fuckin crazy send in the tranquilizer guns call in the airlift but please don’t drop me off in Tremseh


dessert for meatball:

fig, lebneh quenelle, coffee-chile-cardamom-chocolate, pistachios