sort of open

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the reviews are trickling in:

“What the fuck i am at your gate i have a reservation and you are not even open.”

—a guy calling on the phone last night

“The indiscriminate use of cumin and urfa biber in the sea bass mock panzanella is both disconcerting and subtly brilliant.”

—elysian cook

“Devour the lamb carpaccio—there is something utterly predictable and yet deliciously uncanny about the combination of lemon verbena syrup, lebneh, roasted radishes, and raw lamb tenderloin; the whole dish will leave you feeling like you just ate the whole dish.”

—candidate for graduate degree in yelp writing

“the owner is a dick”

—the owner

“found the service wanting, the prices excessive, but rather than directly communicating with anyone during my experience, I left with all my bitterness intact and took to an un-face-to-face public forum to air my complaints, which as you can see do not even mention the food.”

—diner who had a bad experience in the experience economy

“not enough star power, they will never make it in this town”

—someone's twitter feed (11 followers)

“This reviewer has been back several times because the job gives me money to burn. My last time in, the kitchen had a little fun at my expense and served me a dish of crispy burnt dollar bills, toasted almonds, and tangerine supremes, jokingly (or not?) called "kale salad." It was actually the best kale salad i have ever had in a city rank with them.”

—well-known food blogger at

“The whole approach at elysian is self-inflated yet oddly and genuinely modest. The food is vaguely levantine and pseudo-californian, each plate a little identity crisis that screams, “omfg we don't have our concept figured out" but nonetheless grabs hold of your taste buds and gives them a good throttling. Don't leave without trying the poached compressed zucchini with anchovy, garlic, chile de arbol, and charred romaine—it is the essence of what they do best in the elysian kitchen, playing with poetic essences like lazy summer, brisk earthy ocean, and scorched field, with a bracing dash of global-warming inspired heat. This is essential eating in LA right now and I recommend you jump on this trendwagon before it crashes into something called tomorrow.”

—award-winning food writer who many people over-invest in