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NIGHT IN: bar + plates

  • elysian 2806 Clearwater St Los Angeles, CA, 90039 323-522-6625 (map)

we are off the beaten track you might not know we are here the street is dimly lit it is not restaurant row or anything you might think your gps mapquest phone app location service has misled you terribly but we are open this friday and would love for you to find us

friday features

Matt Schaefer on the drinks (specialty cocktails and full bar)

and the tattoo-free elysian kitchen crew on the food

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reservations appreciated, walk-ins welcome, no shows disparaged

menu perhaps

tomato, cucumber, seared pepper, shallot, persian mint, mango pickle vinaigrette

cheeses: mt baldy, tallegio, bayley hazen blue, plus things to eat with the cheese

pork rillette, purple cabbage, plum, curly endive

mustard frill, red kuri squash, persimmon, fresh ginger

summer squash, pomegranate, red onion, oregano

omelet, fennel, salmon roe

lamb tenderloin, quince, purslane, almond

wild salmon, buckwheat, beet, turnip, dill

ricotta gnocchi, bacon, pea tendril, snap pea, chanterelle, parmy broth

meyer lemon tart, lavender whippy