NIGHT IN: Bar + Plates

  • ELYSIAN 2806 Clearwater St Los Angeles, CA, 90039

bar and plates

not to be confused with bar and pilates (trending soon)

reservations strongly encouraged

come by after the frogtown artwalk


*all a la carte.

3 cheeses w accompaniments:

bleating heart dairy, fat bottom girl (sheep)

meadow creek dairy, grayson (cow)

consider bardwell, manchester (aged raw goat)

beet, fennel, tarragon, gem, feta, pistachio

lettuces, apple, celery, pickled red onion, sultanas, walnut, bleu

sea bass crudo, honeydew melon, lemon cucumber, cayenne chile, radish, purple basil

clams, shell bean, okra, corn, cherry tomato, fresno chile, cornbread

duck breast, peach, escarole, roasted shallot, hazelnut aillade

toasted farro, seared shishito, eggplant, young onion, harisa

snap pea, roasted cauliflower, mint, ras al hanout, yogurt

last of season plum tart