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LASA redux

  • elysian 2806 Clearwater St Los Angeles, CA, 90039 323-522-6625 (map)

elysian is happy to host Chad and Chase Valencia's LASA once again

sorry, this dinner is fully booked. if you would like to be on the wait list, please EMAIL us directly.

If you are coming for dinner, please note:

our seating is mostly communal so you may be seated with people you have not met before. If it is warm, the tables may be outdoors.

PARKING: street parking only. Please be considerate of our neighbors.




Kamote Chips. Annatto & Chive Yogurt.

Blistered Green Garbonzos. Patismansi. Chili Oil.

Savory Piaya Flat Bread. Roasted Eggplant & Black Garlic Dip.


Little Gems. Radishes. Peas. Favas. Kesong Puti. Sugar Cane Vinaigrette.

"Pancit" Egg Noodle. Calamansi Butter. Scallions. Patis Cured Yolk.

Pan Seared Gailan. Bagoong XO. Crispy Rice.

Crispy Pig Ears. Shaved Cauliflower. Fish Sauce Vin. Herbs.

Beef Tartare. Salt & Vinegar Taro Chips. Marinated Egg Yolk.


Arroz Caldo. California Brown Rice. Ginger-Leek Broth.
Poached Egg. Mustard Greens. Pickled Daikon. Garlic Chips.

San Miguel Steamed Manila Clams
Santa Barbara Ridgeback Shrimp.
House Longanisa. Country Bread.

Soy-Vinegar Braised Octopus. Charred Choy.
Green Garlic Fried Farro.  Pickled Fresno.

Bulalo Braised Short Rib. Tokyo Turnips & Their Greens.
Fingerlings. Pounded Herbs. Bone Marrow Broth.


Coconut Pan De Sal Bread Pudding.
Ginger Whip. Medjool Dates.
Sweet & Salty Cashews.

Baguio Style Taho
Silken Tofu. Tapioca Pearls.
Toasted Pinipig & Macerated Strawberries.