the daily tide

of lies can overwhelm

well not the lies themselves

perhaps but the matter

of factness with which

claims do not matter

or have no matter

of fact to them at all

yet they do they

become facts they swing

into action to make

their own reality

and it is ours now

“you’re soaking in it”

so stop calling it

alternate the alternate

is more likely

an unbelievable feed

in which things

remain rather perfect

that cocktail from above

with urfa dust

on craft ice cube

a black bowl nestled

with burnt baby kale

or some other

colonically beneficial green

from the latest joint

serving brunch all the time

that breathtaking sunset tho

poolside at luxury hotel

somewhere I am not

I understand the need

for things to like

and be liked

in the sea of lies

but the biggest in the sea

keeps saying everything

can go on as before

everything will be alright

it already can’t

it’s already not