in light of the latest fluff piece in the LA Times
about elysian valley, wherein newly arrived "creatives" outnumber long-term residents and businesses roughly 10 to zero (in the reporting / journalism [sic], not in reality) since no-one and nothing was ever here before the now, a note from a year ago that touches on the topic of stories that at this point seem almost deliberately devoid of context:

7 little verses, or,
7 reasons why you should not be hanging out in frogtown
elysian the restaurant
is closed! it
came and went that’s
how it goes it
was loved plus hated
for some just meh
now we name it
former amenity
while crossing the street
with no crosswalk
face in phone you
might get clocked as
other twits uber
in on phones
for drinks
omg parking—so sucky!
what is this city
thinking not much apparently
several blocks long march
to every place
I must go in
order to have been
all of the cool
spots for selfies
are so way overplayed
those spiffy shoes tho
from above savvy fallback
into likeability
the streets are crumbly
the sewer lines ancient
the street lighting poor
the best city service is lip
a $19 million pedestrian
bridge over the river
slated for construction
(see verse #5)
your fomo was well-founded
the reality is it’s
all over here you
already missed out