Does Great Food Rise To The Level of Great Art?

"David is the perfect person to talk to about food and art. His art work (much of which you can see here) has won him a Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship, an Art Matters grant, a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Biennial Award, and, in 2009, a Guggenheim fellowship. His food life began in the 80s when he dropped out of college to work at Cate Farm, “growing radicchio before foodies existed let alone even knew what radicchio was” (that’s straight from his bio). He’s been a line cook at Canelé (where I had that astonishing pancake) and a prep cook at Ammo with Chef Daniel Mattern."

An Imaginative Feast

"Molly Stevens has long been one of my favorite cookbook authors. Her All About Braising book turned me into a passionate braiser; and her new All About Roasting book led me to oven-roasted hamburgers and slow-roasted herbed turkey breast. So imagine my surprise and delight when she e-mailed to say that she’d be in L.A. cooking dinner at a really cool venue called Elysian. I immediately signed us up."